Bits of Stock
Graphic | UI/UX
Bits of Stock™ is a Stock Rewards App that wants to build an ownership economy.  You can link your accounts, earn rewards and dividends while you shop with your favourite brands.
As a Part-time Designer at Bits, I'm working with the co-founder and design director, Colin Kuntz, to refresh the brand and consolidate all the new elements in a design system / brand book, so we can have a new exciting brand that is consistent in all its platforms.
The projects I'm working on currently are:
- Updating the brand colours;
- Designing paid advertisement ;
- Creating an illustration library;
- Designing a b2b website;
- Reworking UI elements;
Brand Update
When I first joined Bits of Stock, the main concern was the lack of a diverse color palette that could help on the design process, not only on the marketing side but also on the product side.
So when I joined I proposed the addition of two new colours and the creation of design system that could help the design team improve their output.
Illustration Library
iStore Carrousel

B2B Website
The bits B2B website was the first to be designed with the new branding colours and illustrations I worked on. 
This project allowed us to test some of the decisions we made previously while building the design system & brand book. With this, some other color variations were added and the icon library grew to help us visualize most of the information in a engaging way.

Paid Ads
As part of my role, I get to work with the marketing team in the creation of paid advertisement to be used on social media, to attract new users. These are some examples of ads we created.

Other projects

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