Old Graphic 
Design work
Since the start of my career back in 2016, I had the privilege of working with a lot of talented people in a lot of inspiring projects. Although my portfolio is focused in showing my most recent work, I wanted to take some space to showcase the work that was done in the past.
"SET" - Sons em Transito
Logo created for a music production company in Portugal.


"NEW WAY - DEMO DAY" was a event held at the Heineken New York offices. After three months of testing new propositions and creating new products for the brand, the teams that participated in this innovation program, had the opportunity to present their final results.

As a multimedia creative at innoleaps, I had to create all the designs for the event (printables, folders and the team pitch decks) as well as some multimedia content)

See more of the event:  vimeo.com/250655250
Logo created for a  creator app company based in London.
Hiring Graphics made for a real-time digital human avatars generator company based in Portugal.
"After Work"
Series of posters created for a Porto Design Factory's Event.
Product Shots and Design Consultancy Services done for a Low-calorie Ice cream brand based in the Netherlands.
"Carnival Cruises"
Promotional material done for Carnival Cruises, a Cruise company based in Miami
Animation done as part of a college assignment where the goal was to animate random elements to the rhythm of a song.

Other projects

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