Bits - Rebrand
Graphic Design | Branding
Bits' team established their brand in 2019 during a period of intense product refinement while participating in a startup incubator program. Their goal was to refresh the brand's appearance while retaining some of its original flair.
As a freelance Graphic Designer at BITS, I had the opportunity to work in multiple projects in different areas of the company such as: 
- Redesigning the website;
- Social Media content;
- Brand Book;
- Media Press kits
- E-books;
- Infographics;

On this page, I'm covering the Rebrand.
Keeping their initial 'B' as the main focus, since it's been part of their branding since the conception of the company, I decided to add a bolder look to the B and rework it by clipping part of it to give a sharper 
Logo Versions
A big part of this rebrand was the design of the new website, which increased lead generation just in time for some big tech conferences!
Social Media
After all of this, I created some social media templates to help the team have some structure for their upcoming linkedin posts.

Other projects

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