Graphic Design | Art Direction
"Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry focused accelerators. (...) It started in 2010 and now operates globally with 20+ industry-focused programs in some of the greatest startup hubs including Amsterdam, San Francisco, London, Berlin..."
I started working at Startupbootcamp in 2017 as a Full-time Graphic Designer. There I had the opportunity to learn more about the startup world, and it helped me adapt my skills to a fast-paced, sometimes chaotic environment.
After a year I had the privilege of becoming startupbootcamp's Design Lead, with that came a lot of responsibilities like leading a small team of designers and leading the companies events, from the fliers to the multimedia content in collaboration with the Production Lead Mexx de Zeeuw.
These are some of the things I worked on:
-Editorial Design;
-Event Design & Management;
-Multimedia Production;
-Art Direction;
Event Management
As mentioned above, one of my duties as a Design Lead, was to manage the Events that happened at the end of every acceleration cohort. These events are called "Demo day" and they feature multiple startups pitching to investors. These events were also livestreamed to a broader audience. 

 "Defying Gravity" - Demo Day & Selection Days

4 fold flyer
4 fold flyer
"New Frontiers" - Demo Day
"30 Founder F#ck ups"

Booklet created from a list of 30 founder mistakes to avoid as told by entrepreneur, angel investor and innovation ecosystem builder Patrick De Zeeuw.
This project led to the creation of a 50 page booklet, which would later be handed out in various startupbootcamp events around the globe.
"Empowering Innovators" - Video Series

Empowering Innovators is a video series featuring interviews with top leaders of the industry talking about Innovation, Lean & Agile inside big corporations, and business in a fast-paced world. Presented by Patrick de Zeeuw, the intimate sessions were recorded at the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam headquarters.
In this project, I helped develop the show concept, the promotional images: posters, youtube thumbnails and social media images used for the show promotion. Besides helping with the graphic content, I also participated as the 'first camera' during the first season of the show.

Other projects

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