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Kaizo provides a unified, actionable, integrated Workforce Performance Management (WPM) platform for the world's largest remote-working population, customer support. It does this by giving Zendesk Users a Web app that uses gamification and AI to improve operational efficiency, individual productivity, and team engagement

As a freelance Graphic Designer at Kaizo, I had the opportunity to work in multiple projects in different areas of the company such as: 
- Redesigning the website;
- UX assessment and analysis;
- Start the implementation of a design system;
- Social media Posts;
- E-books;
- Infographics;

On this page I'm covering the Marketing Design.
As part of Kaizo's mission to educate companies about the best customer support practices, we create E-books that are published on Kaizo's website and promoted on LinkedIn.
As a designer, I have the responsibility of taking the content developed by the marketing team, and make it as visually appealing as possible.
17 Roads to Improved Quality Assurance
Customer Service Agent Empowerment Report 2021​​​​​​​
Sometimes instead of a E-book, the marketing team summarises the information they want to put out and we create infographics. These images are then shared on LinkedIn and on Kaizo's Blog. Here are some examples: 
Blog / Social Media Posts
One of the biggest drivers of traffic to Kaizo's website is the Blog posts with tips and valuable information about all things Customer Service. As a Designer I'm responsible for the creation of the visuals that help to engage the reader by presenting some of the most important parts of the blog in a visual, easy to digest, manner.

Other projects

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