Nagarro | Product Designer (Client: RMS)
As a Senior Product Designer at RMS, I shaped innovative solutions for the risk management industry. Immersed in industry trends, I collaborated with cross-functional teams to design intuitive and user-centred products. Working at RMS challenged me to push design boundaries and deliver exceptional experiences, contributing to groundbreaking risk management solutions.

As a Senior Product Designer at RMS, I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects in different areas of the company such as: 
- UX Analysis; 
- Design System updates; 
- Wire-framing; 
- Prototyping;

Technology Stack: Browser-based web platform
Designing for large sets of data

One of the biggest challenges in designing for RMS comes from the industry itself: Agents need access to very heavy, large sets of data to perform their analysis. 
When we focus on the design, this creates a challenge: How do we show these large quantities of information to the user without overwhelming them, and allow them to search through them efficiently?
As you will be able to see below, the designs are kept simple, modern, and minimal. This is one of the most important requirements to make sure the user can see what it needs.

Updating the Notification Bar
In this project, I focused in:
- Giving the user an option to filter through the notification;

- Providing an easy method of clearing notifications;

- Moving the time marker on the notifications next to the main title using abbreviations;

- Substitute Text with icons we already used from our Design System;

- Moving the bottom nav to the upper area;

-Provide Infinite scroll;

User Settings
Before I joined RMS they didn't have screens for some essential settings for the profiles of the agents. 
My job as a designer was to take into account all the different settings the users need and provide screens that intuitively satisfy those needs. After I came up with the high.-fidelity designs I provided working interactive prototypes, so the developers could implement them with ease.

Redesigning Functionalities
One of my first projects was to redesign the functionality that allows a user to create a custom role on the platform.

The designs that were previously created did not follow the design system in place, therefore, they clashed with the other parts of the product which created an awkward and inconsistent experience for the users.

Other projects

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